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VectorPro by MFR Consultants

MFR Consultants specializes in public safety analysis, providing comprehensive services to address crime-related challenges. Our team comprises law enforcement professionals and data analysts who work in two distinct capacities: addressing and reducing validated crimes code problems and assisting public safety agencies in validating their strategic plans.

Service Overview:

MFR Consultants has developed a four-phase service that leverages data analysis to understand current resource allocations and make predictive decisions to effectively combat urban crime and local rising theft. Our approach is rooted in detailed crime rate analysis, enabling us to provide a comprehensive assessment and actionable recommendations. Each phase of our service contributes to a thorough urban crime assessment, ensuring that our clients are equipped with the insights needed for strategic decision-making in public safety and crime prevention.
Phase I: Develop a Problem Statement

To begin, the MFR Team focuses on identifying a distinct, measurable problem. We define problems as crimes code violations occurring within a specific space and timeframe. Examples include:
  • Catalytic converter thefts have increased year over year by 13%.
  • Shootings have increased by 27% in the 19xxx zip code.
  • DUI crashes have risen by 12% on a particular stretch of roadway.

Phase II: Data Gathering

In this phase, our team gathers relevant information to understand the problem statement and the efforts made by the departments. We consider various data sources, including:
  • Officer Data:
    • Number of personnel working during a given time frame.
    • Allocation of overtime to address specific problems.
    • Processing time for different types of crimes.
  • Historical and Current Data Analysis:
    • Examination of criminal arrests over the past 30 years to identify patterns related to the unique problem.

Phase III: Policy Vector Analysis

Using the defined problem, our team assesses the effectiveness of the efforts made to address it and measures the outcomes. We analyze resource reallocation strategies, comparing the impact of focusing on one problem versus another. Additionally, we leverage historical data from similar municipalities with comparable demographics and population sizes.

Phase IV: Report Production

The culmination of our analysis results in a comprehensive and formatted report that allows departments to make strategic, measurable decisions regarding resource allocation for problem resolution. The report includes key insights such as:

  • Comparison of budget allocation between different issues.
  • Potential reduction in the occurrence of problems by reallocating resources.
  • Assessment of the percentage of time spent by public safety professionals on specific issues and recommendations for optimizing resource distribution.
  • Identification of secondary effects caused by legislative decisions addressing unrelated issues.
  • Consideration of risks, stakeholder engagement, and organizational implications during resource reallocation.


MFR Consultants, Inc. offers a valuable service for public safety analysis, supporting policymakers, politicians, and businesses in addressing crime-related challenges, particularly in the context of urban crime assessment and police crime capital planning. Our data-driven approach focuses on crime rate analysis and the assessment of local rising theft trends, providing actionable recommendations to optimize resource allocation, reduce crime occurrences, and ensure effective public safety strategies. Committed to assessing and monitoring risks, engaging with stakeholders, and addressing organizational implications during changes in resource allocations, we aim to fix problems and enhance the overall safety and security of communities.

Contact Us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist in improving public safety within your jurisdiction.