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For over 30 years,
MFR Consultants has been a leader in providing integrated
Information Technology and Business Advisory Services.


Our Mission
We empower our clients to create meaningful solutions to successfully meet their challenges.


Our Vision
To leave a lasting, positive impact on our people, our clients, and our world.

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What’s New With MFR

  • The Current and Future State of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has garnered significant attention recently, propelled by innovations such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Med-PaLM 2, among others. In particular, the healthcare industry, grappling with high overhead costs, supply chain challenges, and a shortage of qualified professionals, has become a focal point for AI development. …

  • How Governments are Using AI to Streamline Process Improvement

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are invaluable tools for streamlining process improvement and operational efficiency strategies within federal, state, and local governments. AI, utilizing cutting-edge technology, performs tasks that typically require human intelligence….

  • What is SaferStops?

    SaferStops by MFR Consultants is an acoustic gunshot recognition technology with a unique mission: protecting police officers during traffic stops. Our technology integrates physical hardware, software, and a mobile application to recognize, react, and respond to gunfire during a traffic stop. …

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