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What is SaferStops?

What is SaferStops?


SaferStops by MFR Consultants is an acoustic gunshot recognition technology with a unique mission: protecting police officers during traffic stops. Our technology integrates physical hardware, software, and a mobile application to recognize, react, and respond to gunfire during a traffic stop.

When faced with sudden gunfire, officers are often able to communicate distress. SaferStops hardware is trained with a machine learning algorithm to specifically detect gunshots. If there is a gunshot detected when an officer makes a traffic stop, our software web application notifies the corresponding dispatch center with the precise location of the gunshot within a 3-foot radius. Using our mobile app, officers in the surrounding area are notified directly and can respond to the incident in real-time. The SaferStops mobile application also includes an option for officers on the scene to signal a false alarm if necessary.

Indiana Officer Fatally Shot on July 31st, 2022

At 2:07 AM on July 31st, 2022, Officer Noah Shahvanaz was conducting a routine traffic stop in rural Elwood, Indiana, when the man he had pulled over opened fire on him. The last message Officer Shahvanaz conveyed through his radio was “has a gun.” The shooter was able to flee the scene and travel 50 miles into a neighboring county before being arrested approximately 30 minutes later.   

With SaferStops, police are alerted to the exact location of the gunshot as it happens, allowing for more rapid and potentially life-saving medical attention while reducing the possibility of escape for the shooter. 

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