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What is SaferStops?

SaferStops by MFR Consultants is an acoustic gunshot recognition technology with a unique mission: protecting police officers during traffic stops. Our technology integrates physical hardware, software, and a mobile application to recognize, react, and respond to gunfire during a traffic stop. ...

Is there really a case for Blockchain in the Public Sector?

Since 2009, when the first block of Bitcoin was mined, the popularity of blockchain technology has grown exponentially. Bitcoin grew to over $10 billion in market capitalization and sparked the launch of many other cryptocurrencies. This popularity was driven by the...

How are State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Being Used pie chart

How are State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Being Used?

Treasury has recently released an overview of trends in how governments are using State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) resources provided through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The data includes information reported in the Project...

ESG Image

The Infrastructure Bill and ESG

The once-in-a-generation investment into America’s infrastructure through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will bring $550 billion in new federal investment to the people and places that make our country function. The goals of this funding are to improve infrastructure, support supply chains, and create jobs. These...

Dispelling the Myths of Consulting

Dispelling the Myths of Consulting

There are many myths in circulation that warn against the use of consultants, many times driving organizations away from seeking help that they may very much need. This blog will explore some of the common myths that surround the hiring of business...