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Information Technology



In conjunction with Application Development or as a stand-alone service, MFR has a proven test strategy to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of testing to avoid future problems. Our team works closely with project stakeholders to understand the business process and design the test cases around them to ensure maximum test coverage. MFR’s QA Team strive to get involved in the development process right from the beginning of the requirements gathering phase through delivery of successful, fully functional, defect-free quality product to the end users.

MFR’s expert, International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), Scrum-certified QA Team offers the full spectrum of software testing services including but not limited to:

        • Functional testing
        • User acceptance testing
        • Accessibility testing
        • Database testing
        • Usability testing
        • Compatibility testing
        • Mobile testing
        • Ad-hoc testing
        • Web application testing
        • Performance testing


Our Help Desk service includes a team of experts permanently assigned to your account, so they know your operation and your users. Our agents serve as the point of contact from start to finish, utilizing ITIL standards to ensure a smooth resolution of incidents and problems. From printing problems, viruses, connectivity issues to hardware issues, MFRs experts can help.

        • Hardware procurement
        • Hardware/Software troubleshooting
        • Asset management
        • Remote control support
        • Office 365 Support
        • Cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon, Google)


Our custom application development services help clients build and integrate sophisticated business applications. We begin with a thorough business requirements analysis during which our team of senior business analysts and consulting professionals with relevant industry experience interview employees, customers, and partners involved with your work and map out the requirements for the application to deliver value to your business.

MFR and our application development partners then deliver, using best-practice project management facilitated by PMP and Scrum-certified professionals, fully customized and business-centric cost-effective software designed to improve efficiency, improve user experience, and optimize workflow.

        • Enterprise Custom Applications
        • System Software Integration


Procuring a new IT system is a strategic investment. However, often the full potential for cost-savings, efficiency and process optimization is not realized in the process because of lack of alignment of the selected system with organizational needs, goals and priorities. Starting from a business process improvement lens, MFR leads organizations through a rigorous requirements gathering process to establish a framework for evaluating alternatives. We also assist with RFP development, proposal evaluation, and system selection. While we maintain a strong working relationships with software vendors and system integrators, MFR is not a software vendor; we offer independence and objectivity across all of our service offerings.



MFRs certified DBAs provide proactive database management and performance optimization expertise you need for your database environments. Our certified DBAs provide the deep expertise you need for your database environments while delivering real value to your business. Use our team for day-to-day support or ad-hoc assignments such as assessments and upgrades.

        • Oracle
        • Microsoft SQL Server
        • PostgreSQL
        • Data Warehouse
        • NoSQL
        • Document


In conjunction with Application Development or a stand-alone service, MFR can take on the entire migration process from strategy, development, documents, and content. Regardless of the data format or location of it, MFR’s data migration consultants can help with getting your organization’s data where it needs to go. Our experts use proven methodologies that include industry specific best practices and adhere to legal requirements and data privacy standards. Data migrations performed by our professionals are executed quickly and seamlessly, always prioritizing security as well as ensuring non-disruptive and flexibility as a core part of the process.

        • Software Migration Services
        • Database Migration Services
        • Cloud Migration Services
        • Hybrid Solutions
        • ETL / ELT
        • Pipeline Development
        • Master Data Management
        • Cloud Migration Services
        • Data Visualization Services



With years of experience in replicating data across Homogeneous and Heterogeneous databases for disaster recovery and high availability, MFR has several expert solutions which are cost effective for Oracle, MySql, Maria DB, DB2 databases including Open Source replication software.

      • SQL Server Replication
      • SQL Server Change Data Capture
      • Transactional Replication
      • Snapshot Replication
      • Merge Replication



In conjunction with Application Development, MFR can provide several development resources to manage the Development Lifecycle. Our resources have experience with CICD, writing development stories, acceptance criteria, SCRUM ceremonies, and working with Product Owners and Product Managers.

        • Certified SCRUM Master
        • Product Owner
        • DevOps

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