MFR Consultants | Project Management
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Project Management

Human Resources

MFR Consultants offers experienced Human Resources professionals to provide roles in areas such as personnel processing, personnel security, personnel assistants, and HR administrative services. We spend the time upfront, learning your culture and clearly defining your needs to ensure that they are met. Our employees enhance your staff by preparing necessary supporting documents, reviewing requests for personnel actions, and forwarding them to your Human Resource Department (HRD). Our employees also ensure that job vacancies are adequately publicized and provide information to prospective applicants, as well as basic orientation information to new employees. We align and work with your team to support all your HR essentials and more.

Administrative Services

MFR supplies qualified clerks to handle all administrative support services. MFR’s General Clerks provide assistance to your offices with tasks that include processing calls and incoming documentation. Our clerks are also responsible for ensuring that your systems are updated with the most current information. MFR’s General Clerks become vital members of your team to help further your success and efficiency.


At MFR Consultants, we learn your philosophy and requirements, then find, screen, and vet experienced Finance and Accounting professionals to ensure a good match. We provide finance experts in positions including accounting, grants, internal audits, and forecasting. MFR finance employees enrich your staff by assisting in tracking and monitoring division expenditures, reviewing spending plans, and allocating funds. Our employees also help make sure that spending data is consistent with financial statements, and review the appropriateness of financial data and transactions. Our team works with you to develop a strong relationship to guarantee that your finance needs are met.


MFR’s attorneys and paralegals provide your employees with legal policy and direction, as well as legal representation and other services in connection with litigation and administrative proceedings. Furthermore, our legal service employees ensure that there is appropriate liaison and assistance between you and your key clients, and have the expertise necessary to run ethics programs, including training and counseling. Our attorneys and paralegals recognize and understand your specific legal needs, which allows them to collaborate with your team to successfully maintain a high level of service.

Let MFR help take your business to the next level